TUBIFLESSIBILI S.r.l. is a small but flexible and skilled artisan company dedicated to the production of pipes and textiles made by sewing and marketing of flexible pipes for the industry in general.

The range includes:

  • Hose for industrial ventilation
  • Insulation and thermal Protection
  • Textile Joints
  • Silicone Hoses and Pipes
  • Pipes and rubber Hoses for Automotive
  • Silicone Pipes and Hoses SAE J2006 Marine
  • Tubes for wine and alimentary liquids with relative accessories
  • Plastic Pipes
  • Hose assemblies made of plastic, rubber and metal
  • Silicone stockings Glass
  • Special Textiles
  • Industrial Plants Division

The over twenty years experience in the industry, in combination with the continuous search for new materials, technologies and markets and collaboration with customers, has enabled us to create a range of products are constantly evolving to meet the new needs that the market continually asks.

The continuous evolution has allowed us to obtain, in the course of last years, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and EN ISO 9001:2015.